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Does God Hide From Us?

March 25, 2009

Why would a god try so hard to hide itself and then punish you for all eternity for not finding it?

This is a question that any theist who also accepts evolutionary or big bang theory must ask themselves. Why would a purposeful, intelligent creator of the universe who requires worship make the universe behave in such a manner as to suggest that there is no need for a god to operate in it? Why would an intelligent god need worship in the first place? Are you willing to accept that the character of the creator of the universe has such a low self-esteem that it needs you to grovel and beg? Why does the universe need a creator and not a god? Questions like these can be avoided by certain kinds of pantheists and deists, but those aren’t the kind of people we need to worry about making them question their beliefs.

We need to worry about people who try to reconcile the idea of a god using evolution as a tool to create man with the idea of original sin, because the two do not work together. We need these kinds of people to question the character of such a god that would do everything possible to hide from us and then punish us for not seeing his deception. Do people really want to believe in a trickster god or are these just pathetic attempts at making rationalizations for the shortsightedness of bronze age men who were just trying to understand the world around them?

These people are not extremists, they are moderate in comparison to a suicide bomber. They are just trying to amalgamate what they want to be true with the reality they can not turn a blind eye to. We have to appreciate the conflict going on inside a person in this situation. Many atheists and agnostics went through similar internal deliberations on their path to non-belief. In my opinion the best thing we can do for these people is to continue to challenge their beliefs and be there for them when they want to share their doubts.

  1. March 25, 2009 4:17 am

    Advocating a new evangelical atheist movement? LOL

    • March 26, 2009 10:59 pm

      Of course. Good to see you again, jonolan.

      • March 27, 2009 3:28 am

        Yeah, I lurk around here from time to time, sort of keeping my weather eye on what the Godless are up to. ;)

        All joking aside, good luck with that idea of evangelical atheism. You all have as much right to try to convert the weak as the Abrahamics of doing the same – and you probably won;t go door-to-door doing it.

        I love the comments on this post though. I wonder if the people here know how much they sound like the Christians I know who like to self-affirm their faith and congratulate other faithful. LOL …And note – there’s nothing wrong with that IMHO.

  2. March 25, 2009 5:35 am

    You know Sisyphus, I don’t even think we’ll get to that point of the argument with people who are so slippery with simple questions like the ones you mention. I’ve just been debating with a guy on my blog who says that since we have different ‘beliefs’ when it comes to ‘sin’, we can’t even talk about it. He keeps skirting the comments he’s made but insists that there’s no point to discussion anyway. Yes, I guess I do understand the conflict of desire and truth, but I’m still amazed at to what extent selective blindness can go. Ugh. I’m so frustrated seeing people quash their intelligence for faith.

  3. March 25, 2009 8:16 am

    These arguments become stunningly bizarre after a while.

    Atheist: Why does god need to be worshipped?
    Theist: Because god is love.
    A: But god will torture me forever if I don’t worship him, how’s that love?
    T: God is beyond our concept of justice.
    A: I didn’t ask you about justice, I asked you about love.
    T: God is perfect, you cannot question God.
    A: [!]
    T: God is love.
    A: You’re crazy!
    T: You’re going to hell!

  4. March 25, 2009 6:30 pm

    Your conclusion is good.
    As the gaps for god get smaller and smaller and fewer and fewer, we can challenge their religious beliefs and hope that some of them will doubt, seek answers and realise they have been fooling only themselves.
    We can be there to let them know that accepting that there is no god(s) is alright.

  5. March 26, 2009 1:34 am

    It is very good that you do not beieve God. Nobody has seen God. People believe because they want their wishes fulfilled. Good morality and character are required for life. If you don’t depend on God, most of your problems will be solved. Because you will try to solve them yourself rather than waiting for God to solve them.

  6. March 26, 2009 6:39 am

    Joshi has hit on why atheism gives me hope. If we, as a people, wait around for the skydaddy to fix everything, we’re going to be waiting forever. On the other hand, if we accept that there is no skydaddy, and we’re responsible for our messes, we can actually work toward change.

  7. March 28, 2009 5:49 am


    Sure, why not? Atheists’ have their faith – that there are no Gods – and should be as proud of that as any theocentric religious people are of theirs. ;)

    I’m not sure where that leaves the agnostics though. “I’m Unsure and Proud” doesn’t make for a great slogan.

    Personal Failure,

    You make the erroneous assumption that all – or even the bulk of – theists are content to “wait around for the skydaddy to fix everything.” Many or most theists are of the belief that they have to do the work of fixing things themselves.

    That being said, yes – if we do just sit around and hope for some divine – or natural ; – intervention, we’re not going to get very far in any direction we want to go.

    • March 28, 2009 2:55 pm

      jonolan, you also make the assumption that most theists are of the belief that they have to do the work of fixing things themselves. I would suggest that both of you are making assumptions based on your own personal experiences. Both of which are subject to confirmation bias. Where I’m from, the bible belt, I’ve had many Christians explain to me that they don’t recycle because Jesus is coming soon. At my old job I had an evangelical coworker tell me that he thinks we should consume as much of our natural resources that we can and just put our faith in “the big guy” to keep everything smooth. The kind of brain that produces those ideas would obviously apply prayer to the rest of their doings in life as well. Faith in someone like that isn’t compartmentalized.

      I feel that your quip about atheist “faith” is you trolling for a little fun. With how much you get around the internet you must have come across some atheist blog post about why their atheism isn’t based on faith. Some atheists non-believe on faith, many others don’t.

      • March 28, 2009 4:22 pm

        To your first point, Sisyphus – true. Anecdotal evidence is always suspect due to both sample size constraints and confirmation bias. Truth in this cause is probably somewhere between Personal Failure’s and my respective positions.

        To your second point – to some extent I’m just poking fun at you; I admit that and hope that you’re confident enough to take it in the relatively lighthearted manner it was intended – especially since we have enough experience with each other that should know that vitriol on my part is never particularly subtle.

        I said “to some extent” because atheist is in many way as much a faith-based practice as any theist’s religion. You have to “believe” or “have faith” that there are no Gods in order to be an atheist, much like you have to “believe” or “have faith” to believe that there are Gods.

        Frankly, all joking aside, only the agnostics are operating from other than a faith based position since neither you nor I can prove the accuracy of our claims.

      • April 3, 2009 1:05 am

        By J.K. Joshi
        Many christains believe that Christ is coming back. Or, will be reborn to fix this world. All sinners would die and only God believers would remain alive.
        If at all he has to take a re-birth, why he died at all? Why he did not kill the sinners then only? Instead, sinners were successful in killing him. He stated that he is dying for the people who are suffering at the hands of sinners. Sinners did not vanish after christ died. They are still here. I believe that Jesus will not come back. Even if he comes back, sins in this world will not vanish completely. It was said that God sent Jesus. But where is God? Christ did not show God to anybody. He only preached “His” commandments.


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