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Atheist Media

October 29, 2008

Over the last few years we have witnessed a boom in active atheists, primarily over the internet. Along with the increased number of active atheists we’re also seeing an increase in the number of atheist media being produced. I honestly didn’t realize how much stuff we now have out there until a few months ago when I got my first iPod and started searching for podcasts to bathe my ears in. Here’s a list of non-blog material that I’m currently into:

  • Atheist Experience Podcast
    The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas that  is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin and is geared at a non-atheist audience.  They field live calls from views and have lots of good debates.
  • The Non-Prophets Podcast
    This is an actual podcast that is also being produced by the Atheist Community of Austin which does not take live calls but covers nation news and has some good guests and great discussions.
  • Secular Nation Podcast
    Produced by Atheist Alliance International, featuring articles and news from Secular Nation Magazine.
  • Freethought Radio Podcast
    The first nationally broadcast radio show from the secular point of view! Freethought Radio broadcasts weekly and is hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The show offers programming for nonreligious listeners, as well as countering the religious-right domination of our public airwaves. 
  • Pat Condell
    This guy is great, he makes remarks about religion on YouTube, I think he also has a dvd out with his stuff.

So now that you’ve seen what I’m watching/listening to it’s your turn. What atheist/freethought material are you into?


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