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Reasons I Can’t Vote For You

September 22, 2008

Today I’m going to write about things politicians can say or do that will cause them to lose my vote.

Being too old. I’m doing this one first that way it might help my post avoid being flamed by people who would just respond to this one thing. I personally don’t feel that a 70+ year old can represent my values and opinion appropriately. However, I’m not just talking about logical age, but also physical age. There is such a thing as a younger 80 year old. Mental acuity is very important. If someone is very old but very sharp, they could still retain my vote. If they can’t remember the number of houses they own, or which nation we are Currently at war with I’m not sure if they are capable of other important logical functions.

Being a Young Earth Creationist. This is another logic-related issue. If you can’t reason with the evidence available that the Earth is at least much older than 6000 years you shouldn’t be running a country.

You’re too radical. If your ideas are so radical that Congress won’t work with you or the ideas would throw the country into chaos (Ron Paul) I won’t vote for you, I want a stable, cooperative Congress.

Copious Lying. I may be an idealist, but I’m not an idiot. All politicians stretch the truth, but when you’re  outright lying all the time, you’ve lost my vote. For example: most of your ads are vicious lies and when questioned about them, you state that they would be less evil if your opponent would just do whatever you want.

Denying evolution. I separated this from YEC because there are people who are one and not the other. If you deny evolution I will not only vote for the other guy, I’ll donate to them. Currently, there is no theory out there that can rival the likelihood of the Theory of Evolution in terms of reproducibility and validity. If you deny evolution your cognitive functions are seriously lacking.

Purposefully misinterpreting the Constitution. The Constitution in all it’s glory is somewhat ambiguous on certain issues. If you use this to your advantage to declare foreign combatants are not actually people or to claim that America is a Christian nation, the other guy is getting my vote, my money, and my time spent campaigning for them.

Finally, if you question my patriotism entirely because I’m godless, you get this:

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  1. September 25, 2008 2:30 pm

    “Denying evolution”

    Same here. That’s the career path I’ve chosen, so to me it’s like saying “Your life is pointless!!! :D” Evolution support, or science support, is very important to me.

    I actually agree with all of them.

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