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The Righteous Right

August 25, 2008

Bill O’Reilly, John McCain, Pat Robertson, and George Bush. Whether you like it or not, these men are the face and ideology of the Republican party now. Most would agree the party used to be about fiscal conservatism and small government. But whatever being a Republican used to mean they are now the party of totalitarianism, social conservatism, and security over liberty. For the last eight years we have been under the control of a Republican administration and the government has never been bigger or spent more money, especially on faith based programs.

The Republican party has been hijacked by the über religious Christian nationalists. Along with this facade of righteousness they have become the bastion for anti-gay rights, anti-woman’s rights, and anti-worker’s rights. They’ve tricked the fundamentalist Christians into voting for them while they funnel more money into big corporations and out of the average citizen’s pocket with tax cuts that heavily benefit large businesses and the obscenely rich. They illegally wiretap average citizens and political opponents. Worst of all they retard the advancement of science because of superstition and ignorance.

Don’t support these policies? Then you’re not a Republican. “But Sisyphus, I’m an Eisenhower Republican.” That doesn’t work! They are not that party anymore, they’ve changed so much since then! If you’re a rational individual and you don’t agree with the majority of the party then don’t align yourself with these criminals, you only make them look more viable when they clearly are not. If you don’t condone the degradation of our civil liberties then leave and join another party, big or small.

Throw your weight behind a party that represents who you are and what you care about. The only way these “third” parties will gain traction is if people get organized and join these smaller parties. They need your help to make sure your voice is heard by our government!

  1. August 25, 2008 9:07 am

    Total agreement. Had the Republican Party actually maintained its smaller government mantra and fiscal responsibility, I could almost see my self considering to consider the possibility of maybe voting for them. Rather a long shot of course, but my conscience would never forgive me if I voted against civil liberties. The religious right has hijacked this party and will never give it back unless it is taken from them. Seeing as they are a pretty unified vote we can all but kiss the Republican Party of Eisenhower good bye for good.

  2. Sisyphus Fragment permalink*
    August 25, 2008 9:33 am

    Why wrestle it back? My opinion is we let them have the party and just move over to a smaller party that already exists (there are tons). Let them rot without their saner base. With the way the Democrats are starting to treat atheists those of us who are left leaning (I’m a registered Democrat) might have to do something similar.

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